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Black and white could be very boring especially when you wear a black skirt, white shirt, use a black scarf and also wear black shoes. You would look like a chorister in some funky church…LOL! That was what I almost did on Sunday to church before I changed my mind and decided to use my ankara scarf instead, I also added my Dorothy Perkins shoes that my awesome Twins and finally my trusty set of hand beads :D

I wore this to a wedding I attended last Saturday. I designed the style for this dress by myself in 2007 for my Valedictory Dinner. I absolutely love this dress and i feel it has a timeless appeal to it. The bag and the shoes are awesome and the compliment it nicely. My accessories are minimal because I am not all that big on them yet. The scarf, I tied it myself. I have been tying gele since I was 10 because it is almost an abomination in my mother’s eye for her own daughter not being able to tie proper gele.

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